K-10 progress report stipulates the various achievements and milestones that have been recorded throughout this project and the remedies to overcome them. K-10 project offers a two(2) year scholarship to pupils from vulnerable households. This project started in early January 2018 with interviewing and selection of beneficiaries and those who qualified were admitted at pearls kindergarten primary school. Substantive achievements have been met by parents, pupils and the school respectively. The primary beneficiaries have improved in class performance as shown in the previous reports per term. The learners are socially comfortable with studying at pearls kindergarten because of the basics provided. The parents savings level have improved because they are no long burdened with meeting all the school dues as well as looking after their homes. The collaboration between pearls and the parents have strengthened the exposure of the school to the community A4CY-U has continued to strengthen its institutional capacity as an organisation as well as exposure to the community

Project Details

agency: "K10 Investments limited "

client:Pearls Kindergarten & primary school.

date: Jan 2018

Project Officer: Ms Juliet Kabugho